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Whether you love to bake or not, there are a few baking pans that every kitchen should have, and especially if you are a baker like me, you will want to expand this list a bit more, so I’ll show you the basic pans and the nice to haves. If you are curious about the type of material you should look for when buying your pans, you can read my guide to the Types of Baking Pans. Let’s look at all the essential baking pans and the most commonly used sizes.

1- 8-inch round cake pan – This is the standard layer cake size you will find commonly used in most cake recipes. It is useful to have, not just for cakes but for any baking too. Baking in an 8-inch cake pan usually gives you 15 – 20 cake slices, so it’s a good size for a crowd. I like to buy two to three pans of each pan size to make layered cakes. This will allow me to divide my batter into several pans and create tall, trendy cakes. So at least aim to have two of this pan size.

2 – 6-inch round cake pan – Smaller than the 8-inch pan, this size will give you 10 to 12 slices of cake (depending on how small you cut your slices). It’s good for a small group or family gathering. If you are into cake design like me, you will know that tall cakes are all the rage now, so I sometimes use the same recipe quantity used for 8-inch pans to make three 6-inch cakes for taller cake designs. My favorite round baking pans are Fat Daddio’s because they are high-quality aluminum pans that are non-stick and very easy to clean.

3- A loaf pan – The most common size is the 9×5″ loaf pan, and you can use it for pound cakes, banana bread, or even meatloaf.

4- Sheet pans – These flat rectangle baking pans are good for baking cookies, roasting nuts, Swiss rolls, or even roasting vegetables. They’re very useful to have at home, and you will find yourself reaching out for them more often than you think. Make sure you buy high-quality sheet pans that are heavy and light-colored. Don’t buy dark baking sheets because they can brown your baked goods too fast.

5- Muffin/cupcake tin – A muffin pan is essential if you like baking muffins and cupcakes often. Make sure it’s a standard-size muffin tin and also light in color. I always line my muffin tin with basic cupcake liners for easy and aesthetic baking.

You can stop there for the basic list of pans in your kitchen, but if you want to venture more into baking, read along for my list of favorites.

6- Springform cake pan – Springform pans make cheesecakes, pies, and even frozen desserts. The benefit of this pan is that it disassembles for easy removal of your treat. Do not put your cake batter in a springform pan. It will alter the shape of your cake liquid batter may leak through. Buy a heavy-duty anodized aluminum pan like Fat Daddio’s springform pan.

7- Bundt Pan – The Nordic Ware bundt pan is by far the best in the market. This high-quality pan with a nonstick finish is a worthy, affordable addition to any baker’s cupboard and is made to last. It turns out beautiful cakes that look great plain, dusted with powdered sugar, or glazed. Check out how to prepare a bundt pan and try my marble cake recipe in this pan.

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