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Snickerdoodle Recipe: Your Next Festive Cookie Adventure


‘Tis the season for baking up a storm, and if there’s one cookie that deserves a top spot on your holiday bake list, it’s the fabulous snickerdoodle! As we dive headfirst into the wonderful world of festive cookies, the snickerdoodle stands tall, with its charming name and irresistible flavors. Legend has it that their name […]

Unlock the Magic of Christmas Baking: Explore These Irresistible Cookies


As the holidays draw near, the wonderful scent of baking cookies fills the air, sparking joy and cherished traditions. Haven’t begun your Christmas baking yet? Now’s the perfect time to start, allowing ample preparation for a sweeter season ahead. Begin your baking adventure with timeless classics: iced sugar cookies and gingerbread cookies, adored by many […]

Nutella Cookies

Nutella cookies

Did you know that there is World Nutella Day? And surprisingly enough, it wasn’t created by Ferrero but by a food blogger who loves Nutella. You can read the full story on their website. I’m a Nutella fan myself and create many recipes with it. For example, you can add it to buttercream, fill a […]

Soft Gingerbread Man Cookies Recipes

gingerbread man cookies

My favorite gingerbread man cookies recipe is soft and chewy, and decorated with a simple royal icing recipe. Made with a perfect balance of warm spices and molasses, this recipe is a must-have for your holiday baking. Sweet and perfectly spiced soft gingerbread man cookies. Add a little icing decoration and they will cheer up […]

Jam cookie Recipe

Jam Cookies

We are in week two of holiday cookie baking. In week one, we made chocolate crinkle cookies, and now it is time for the infamous jam cookies. This jam cookie recipe is a classic shortbread cookie made from butter, sugar, and flour. It doesn’t contain eggs or leavening agents like baking soda or powder, so […]

Chocolate Crinkle Cookie Recipe

chocolate crinkle cookies

I’m sharing a new cookie recipe every week this holiday season so you can have plenty of baking, whether you want to bake with the kids or gift some holiday treats to your friends and family. These chocolate crinkle cookies are popular holiday cookies, with their signature crackled top and icing sugar dust. Chocolate crinkle […]

Chocolate Chip Cookies

chocolate chip cookies

There’s nothing better than a perfectly chewy and chocolatey chocolate chip cookie, especially if you bake it yourself and you know you’re working with a great recipe. I know there are hundreds of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there, and everyone has their favorite. I’ve tried so many old and new recipes, online and from […]

3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

peanut butter cookies

You might have seen this peanut butter cookies recipe online as it’s an old classic, but have you tried making it? I had a go at making several versions of these cookies with white and brown sugar. I preferred them with brown sugar to give a more chewy center. And I’ve also decreased the amount […]

Meringue Cookies Recipe

Meringue Cookies

Meringue cookies are an easy and fun little dessert for any gathering, they’re an excellent project for kids, and they also make a lovely dessert for adults! I baked them for Halloween and piped these cute little ghosts, and during Christmas with some additional peppermint extract. You can make any shape, color, or design, and […]

Coconut Macaroons

coconut macaroons

Here’s a delicious recipe for chocolate-dipped coconut macaroons, just in time for summer. I made these countless times, with recipes using sweetened condensed milk and some with flour, which was ok, but I find that simple recipes are best. Especially when the ingredients are already in your kitchen pantry. Serve these light and airy cookies […]