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Do you want to learn the art of confidently and uniquely decorating cakes? Join Decorate With Confidence and learn how to bake a delicious cake and professionally decorated cakes. Whether you’re a beginner or looking to enhance your skills, you’ll learn all the secrets to become a skilled baker and cake designer through detailed step-by-step video lessons.

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I’ve been there myself, and I can tell you that you have come to the right place! I put together my baking experience and best knowledge into a step-by-step video tutorial for you to master the art of cake decorating… If I can do it, then so can you! Just take a look at my cakes from years ago versus the cakes I make today!







I am thrilled to announce that Decorate with Confidence has undergone a major transformation. With the revamped course, you’ll gain access to a wealth of new content and guidance that will equip you with the tools you need to create stunning cakes with ease.

Let me help you take your cake decorating skills to the next level and unleash your inner artist. Enroll today and start creating beautiful cakes that will leave everyone in awe!

With a variety of cake flavors, buttercream, and piping techniques, you can make hundreds of different variations of cake decorations. By the end of this course, you will:

  1. Learn how to bake chocolate, vanilla, and red velvet cake perfectly.
  2. Master the art of buttercream with American, Swiss meringue, and cream cheese frosting. Plus chocolate and salted caramel flavors too.
  3. Get the right skills to create soft fillings in your cake like fresh fruits, jams, or Nutella, without the cake sliding or the filling oozing out the sides.
  4. Perfectly cover a cake with frosting and make it stand straight and tall.
  5. Achieve smooth sides and sharp edges on your cake.
  6. Learn the basics of piping with nozzles (or tips) and a variety of techniques.
  7. Create silky smooth dark & white chocolate ganache drips.
  8. Master the art of coloring and piping with buttercream frosting.
  9. How to design and apply fruits on top of your cakes.
  10. Designing cakes with sprinkles
  11. Dream up beautiful and delicious cake toppers from meringue cookies and chocolate toppers.

but above all...

You will have a new skill-set and know-how to apply to any cake flavor or design that you wish, and the best thing is that you can make a homemade cake that tastes better, healthier, and cheaper than store-bought cakes

decorate with confidence is officially open for enrollment!

inside the course

Module 1 – Preparation

Lesson 1 – A Guide To Help You Complete The Course

Lesson 2 – Your Cake Decorating Tools

Lesson 3 – How To Prepare For Baking – pans and ingredients


Module 2 – Baking Three Staple Recipes

Lesson 1 – Learn My Favorite Chocolate Cake Recipe

Lesson 2 – How To Make Perfect Vanilla Cake

Lesson 3 – The Best Red Velvet Cake You Will Ever Taste


Module 3 – All About Frosting

Lesson 1 – Smooth And Delicious American Buttercream

Lesson 2 -Light and fluffy Swiss Meringue Buttercream

Lesson 3 – Salted Caramel frosting

Lesson 4 – Cream cheese Frosting


Module 4 – How To Build a Layered Cake

Lesson 1 – Filling and stacking the cake + Fruit Fillings

Lesson 2 – Soft Fillings: Nutella Or Caramel

Lesson 3- Crumb Coating The Cake

Lesson 4 – The Final Coat; Smooth Sides & Sharp Edges


Module 4 – Cake Decorating Trends

Lesson 1 – The basics of Piping Techniques

Lesson 2 – Coloring, Piping, And Applying Sprinkles

Lesson 3 – Dark and White Chocolate Drips + Fresh Fruit Topping

Plus a bonus module

Learn additional cake topper decorations

Bonus 1 – Colorful Meringue cookies

Bonus 2 – White & Dark Chocolate Bark

Bonus 3 – How To Cut And Serve Your Cake


Here's what you'll get when you enroll today!


decorate with confidence is officially open for enrollment!

frequently asked quetions

How will I access the course?

Once you pay online, you will receive an email with your username and a link to access the class and create a password.

Please check your spam folder for the email, as in most cases, it may go there. And please keep your username and password written or saved somewhere so you can get back to it any time and replay the videos.

What level of baking or qualification should I have for this course?

Decorate with confidence is for anyone who is getting started in baking, as well as seasoned bakers who want to learn some more decorating techniques. Also, if you’re going to start a baking business, this is the best foundational program to get started.

How many hours do I need to finish the course and get results?

Decorate with confidence is a self-paced course composed of pre-recorded videos that you can watch any time at your convenience. For example, you can schedule an hour each day to watch the videos and around two hours for implementation. Remember that you can playback the videos any time, and the more you practice cake decorating, the easier it gets and the better your results. Remember, practice makes progress!

I really want to take the course, but I'm afraid of not following through. How can you help me with that concern?

In the beginning, you will find a course layout and cake plan, which you can download and print to follow the program step-by-step and in the correct order to get results. The course is also designed as short modules and videos to be bite-sized and easy to follow through.

I am not planning to have a baking business or sell any of my cakes, is this course still for me?

Yes, sure! Whether you are a hobby baker or a mom who wants to decorate beautiful cakes for her family, this course is for anyone who wants to learn simple and easy cake decorating techniques that you can apply at home without any complicated tools or ingredients.

What if I don't have any baking tools, can I still take the course and decorate a cake with regular kitchen tools?

In short, yes. In this course, I will show you how you can make all the decorations with your usual kitchen tools, and I will also list all the nice-to-have baking and cake decorating tools that you may want to buy in case you will be practicing cake decorating more often.

Lets do this

decorate with confidence is officially open for enrollment!