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If you love baking and want to practice the skills, my advice is to get right into it and start baking simple and easy recipes that will bring you immediate success. But there are many baking tools to think of, and you may need to figure out which ones are necessary and which are nice to have. I often get asked about the most important tools required for baking, be it cookies, cakes, etc., so here is a list of all the baking and kitchen tools I use daily. 

Here are seven baking tools to have in your kitchen.

  • Cake Pans: Investing in high-quality cake pans with a long shelf life is essential, especially if you’re often baking. One of the best brands out there is Fat Daddio’s cake pans. Another good brand that is worth every penny is PME.
  • The stand or hand mixer: A hand mixer is perfect for beginners. You can use a light and portable hand mixer, but a stand mixer is best when working with large amounts of batter you need to mix for several minutes. I own and love KitchenAid Artisan 5 Quart Stand Mixer. If KitchenAid is too advanced, look at the Kenwood stand mixers. There are a variety of sizes and prices to suit your budget.
  • Food scale: You need a basic kitchen food scale for weighing ingredients. A digital one is more accurate and can have both grams and ounces options.
  • Measuring cups and spoons: You still need to have them if recipes are only measured in cups, not by weight.
  • Silicone Spatulas: From stirring and mixing to scraping the sides of bowls, etc. I use them for everything, every day. A set of different shapes and sizes will come in handy around the kitchen.
  • Bowls: You will need a large mixing bowl for the buttercream, and it’s better to have a set of mixing bowls. I love these stackable bowls because they also have a non-slip base.
  • Sifter: A large sifter with fine mesh to sift the icing sugar.

If you’re serious about cake decorating, I have the tools to help you make beautiful cake designs. I’m recommending my favorite only.

Here are my top 6 decorating tools.

  1. The most important tool you need for cake decorating is the turn table. After researching the best one, I bought the Ateco 612 from Amazon. It’s considered the Rolls Royce of turn tables! It’s cast iron, heavy, durable, and will last a lifetime. That’s my favorite, but I also have several light turntables I use in my workshops, like this one from SHEIN or Wilton’s basic turntable.
  2. Off-set spatula. It is an angled spatula, and it’s vital to spread buttercream around the sides and on top of your cake.
  3. Cake scraper. This is important to smooth the sides of your cake.
  4. Cake Rounds and boards. The thin cake boards are called rounds, and the thicker ones are called drums, and you can find both types on Buy your boards slightly larger than the cake size to have room on the board to hold the cake, smooth it, and even write a message.
  5. Piping tips and bags. You can get reusable or disposable piping bags and a starter kit of piping tips.
  6. If you will sell your cakes or need to transport them in sturdy boxes, search for durable and affordable cake boxes. They should be thick or corrugated boxes and tall in case your cake designs require height. Make sure your cake box is the same size as the cake board so the cake does not move around in the base of the box, and ensure it sits snuggly fitted inside. 




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  1. An electric oven or gas oven is good for baking a cake. I have gas oven . When ever I bake the bottom is getting burn.

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