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Most of us lead busy lives, and we don’t always have the time to bake and decorate a cake from scratch, so we buy a ready-made cake, and that’s ok. Some people are not really into cooking, so baking a cake may be daunting. But once in a while, it’s nice to create something from scratch, knowing what goes in it, being proud of what you made, and most certainly filling the house with the scent of freshly baked goodies.

Although not all bad, grocery stores and bakeries may use commercial cake mixes; they don’t bake from scratch, so even if you buy a cake from your local bakery, it most likely comes from a cake mix. Cake mixes contain essential ingredients such as flour and sugar, but most also include preservatives, hydrogenated oils, artificial coloring, and lots of salt. Even with the cake mixes you get in supermarkets, the food industry had us thinking that it’s faster and more convenient to buy than make a cake from scratch. Still, the truth is that these cake mixes require adding oil, eggs, etc., and it takes the same amount of baking time as a cake made from scratch, so there is no time saving involved.

Homemade cakes are healthier than store-bought ones because you can control the ingredients’ quality. For example, you can use fresh, wholesome, or organic ingredients. And if necessary, you can substitute some of the ingredients with healthier ones like whole-wheat or gluten-free flour, unrefined sugar, etc., so you know exactly what is going in your cake.

As for the taste, fresh eggs, butter, and high-quality ingredients produce a tastier cake than the artificial flavor and texture you get from store-bought or packaged cakes. That’s what gives homemade cakes a homey and delicious taste that is incomparable. Baking cakes from scratch can be a fun experiment. If you’re new to baking, you may learn and love this new skill, and you may be interested in exploring more flavors and techniques. You won’t be afraid to experiment anymore.

There’s a huge feel-good factor when it comes to baking, it’s a relaxing process, and the praise and raves from family or friends can inspire you to bake more. It can also be a fun activity to do with kids. Start baking something simple with the little ones, like cupcakes or cookies to decorate themselves. The bottom line is that circumstances will dictate your choice, whether you have time to bake or you’re just in a rush and need to pick up a ready cake from the store. But once in a while, try to experiment with baking, and you never know. You might be happily surprised.

Here are some of my favorite easy recipes to start:

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  1. You are so right about making a cake from scratch I taught my owe self how to bake from Pinterest everyone loves my cakes especially the lemon sour cream pound just have to take your time and measure correctly it is not hard and your family and friends will luv it

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