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If you started searching for some Mother’s Day gift ideas, I’ve got some great ones for you, as well as some discount codes! Let’s get one thing straight, and if you’re thinking of getting something along the lines of a new iron board or vacuum cleaner, you are completely off track. Please ditch the home appliances ideas because this day is not about making her cleaning life easier. You can buy these appliances any time of the year. Mother’s Day is all about appreciating your mom and doing something special just for her, so let’s make it personal. I’ll break down my selection into categories so you can easily find what suits you.

First up are UAE-based stores. I love a good personalized gift with a printed name or picture, so I sought out my favorite ones for you:

  1. Get your mother’s picture drawn on custom gifts from like mugs, tumblers, or even a card from A Little Bootique. All they need is a picture of your mom and the message, and they’ll get it done in a matter of days. The gifts turn out super cute and they’re excellent quality too.
  2. Personalized beach hats and bags from Beach Babe. They have a collection, and the personalization makes it very special.
  3. For unique pouches, clutches, and beach bags, check out Boom & Mellow, which are very reasonably priced. They also have accessories and fine jewelry, which are worth checking out.
  4. Another customized gift shop is Made For You. They won’t draw your picture, but they can print anything on cushions, t-shirts, tea-towels, notebooks, etc. They have a huge collection worth checking out.
  5. Since I’m always a sucker for flowers, I have to mention my favorite flower shop, We Flowers. They make beautiful arrangements, and it’s always a lovely gift on Mother’s Day.
  6. Head over to Little Miraclez to support this amazing mama, she has lovely little gifts for every occasion. For Mother’s Day, she’s offering pamper baskets. Who can say no to that!

Next up are some online stores that I love, and happen to offer some good discounts. Make sure you use these links and discount codes below to benefit from the reduced prices upon checkout.

  1. Faces beauty shops in UAE, KSA, and Egypt offer a 10% discount using code FACES10. For UAE shop HERE – for KSA shop HERE – For Egypt shop HERE.
  2. Bath & Body Works – Buy one get one free in all of KSA, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Egypt, Bahrain.
  3. Look Fantastic is offering a 25% discount on beauty products. Use code 25NEW. Valid in all ME countries.
  4. 6th Street is offering a 10% discount on everything using code AL116. Valid in UAE, KSA, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain, Qatar.

And finally, for Amazon shopping lovers, here are my top picks for Mother’s Day gifts:

  1. Facial Roller from Self-Made Beauty. Facial rollers are all the rage these days. They massage your skin which promotes blood circulation and helps with skin elasticity, wrinkles and promotes relaxation.
  2. Essential oil diffuser set. I recently went to an essential oils workshop, and I learned a lot about how these concentrated oils can help with symptoms like allergies, relaxation, bloating, etc. I loved the experience and started using them myself. A diffuser is a great way to use essential oils, not to mention it will make any room smell amazing (with health benefits).
  3. If your mom has all Apple products from iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods, this 3-in-1 wireless charger is a great idea. Just make sure it’s compatible with her items before buying them.
  4. Headbands are back in fashion since 2020, and you can gift your mom an entire collection of colors with these 18-Pieces Headbands.

I hope these options and ideas get you inspired and help you decide on your gift selection soon. Don’t forget you can always bake your mom a home-made cake or order a special one too.


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