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Resolutions in the Kitchen: Healthy Alternatives in Cake Baking and Decorating

healthy cakes

With the New Year comes fresh starts, and that includes making tasty cakes a tad healthier without losing the deliciousness. Let’s explore simple swaps and smart tips to bake and decorate cakes in a healthier, yum-worthy way. Baking Healthier Cakes: Ever thought honey or fruit purees could sweeten cakes as well as sugar? Or that […]

No-Sugar Carrot Cake Recipe

without suger corrot cake

Carrot cake is an all-time favorite cake flavor and it’s timeless, so to substitute white sugar with a natural sweetener like honey it was very important to keep the recipe simple and delicious so it can be easy to follow and give great results. By following this recipe, you will decrease the amount of sugar […]